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LUMBERTON — Robeson Community College’s president hopes her annual goals and objectives in support of the college’s five-year strategic plan help guide RCC in its efforts to meet the needs of its students and the community.

“Our prime goal is to meet the needs of our students so that they can be successful,” Kimberly Gold said. “We are raising awareness of what we have to offer and making sure that our students are accomplishing their academic and career goals.”

The college’s board of trustees on Monday OK’d Gold’s goals and objectives for 2017-18. The college is operating under a five-year strategic plan that was initiated in 2014 and runs through 2019.

“Each July 1, the beginning of our fiscal year, I will be sharing my goals for the coming year with the board,” Gold said. “In the spring, I will share with them what has been accomplished.”

Sammy Cox, chairman of the trustees board, said that he believes Gold’s objectives and goals for the college are in line with the overall intent of the strategic plan.

“She is looking out for the interest of the college,” he said. “She is on top of things. She knows how to run a business. She knows how to move a college forward.”

Although it is not a state mandate that community colleges establish a five-year strategic plan, it is “good practice” to do so, she said. When it comes to a college having to go through the accreditation process a strategic plan of some kind is needed.

Gold’s recommendations come under the four major headings that were made part of the strategic plan when it was created in 2014. These headings are Focus on Student Success, Improve the Learning and Working Environment, Grow and Improve Services and Outreach Throughout the County, and Assess Outcomes of Programs and Services.

Goals related to the focus on student success include implementing new programs that meet workforce needs and provide transfer opportunities to baccalaureate programs; implementing student support systems that increase student progression and retention; and expanding career and college promise opportunities for high school students.

Gold’s objectives for improving the learning and working environment are implementing targeted employee health and wellness programs; implementing a strategic repair and renovation plan to improve the physical working and learning environment; updating the college’s Master Facilities Plan; and increasing revenue from out-of-state sources, including grants and donations.

Gold cites three goals for improving services and outreach throughout the county. They are expanding partnerships with K-12 and university partners to support seamless academic pathways; engaging with business, industry and government leaders to ensure that Robeson Community College is responsive to the needs of the local community; and updating the college brand identity and marketing efforts.

The president’s one goal this year for assessing outcomes of programs and services is to prepare for a successful visit from the re-accreditation team in 2020.

This is Gold’s first year of providing goals and objectives in support of the strategic plan. Gold officially took over the college’s top administrative position on Jan. 3. She replaced Pamela Hilbert, who served as RCC president for 3.5 years before her retirement on June 30, 2016.

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Gold presents 5-year plan for RCC

By Bob Shiles

Bob Shiles can be reached at 910-416-5165.

Bob Shiles can be reached at 910-416-5165.