PEMBROKE — The University of North Carolina at Pembroke recently honored staff members for their years of service.

The universsity recognizes all employees every five years and celebrates length-of-service milestones of employee service to total state service.

Employees recognized for five years of service:

Todd Allen, Center for Student Success, Lumberton

Mike Clawson, Military & Veteran Services, Ocean Isle Beach

Robin Johnson, Center for Student Success, Lumberton

Alisa Moses, Engaged Outreach Healthy Start, Lumberton

Jeremy Woodell, Facilities Operations, Pembroke

Meggan Hollis, Department of Music, Lumberton

Crystal Moore, Student Health Services, Maxton

Ashley Pryer, Admissions, Lumberton

Michael Litty, Communications & Marketing, Laurinburg

Chalmers Wilkins, Facilities Operations, Lumberton

Brittany Bennett, Athletics/HPER, Laurinburg

Timothy Chavis, Facilities Operations, Red Springs

Robert Gaddy, Information Technology, Lumberton

Christopher McGeachy, Facilities Operations, Red Springs

Tracy Bullard, Facilities Operations, Rowland

Sandra Chavis, Facilities Operations, Lumberton

Regina Clark, Facilities Operations, Rowland

John Cox, Health Physical Education & Recreation, Hope Mills

Patricia Locklear, Facilities Operations, Maxton

Mark Milewicz, Esther G. Maynor Honors College, Fayetteville

Daisy Long, Department of Psychology, Rockingham

Jamie Misenheimer, Information Technology, Laurinburg

Ian Stroud, Center for Student Success, Maxton

Jessica Locklear, Student Health Services, Maxton

Melissa McLean, Facilities Operations, Lumberton

Engle Revels, Admissions, Lumberton

Employees recognized for 10 years of service:

Charles Chavis, Environmental Health and Safety, Longs, S.C.

Beth Wilkerson, Office of Regional Initiatives, Orrum

Dennis Locklear, Facilities Operations, Lumberton

Paul Peterson-Campbell, Human Resources, Lumberton

Alicia Jiles, Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs, Lumberton

Adam Hardin, Advancement, Lumberton

Telisha Oxendine, Department of Biology, Lumberton

Charles Sampson, Facilities Operations, Pembroke

Debbie Locklear, Facilities Operations, Maxton

Jennifer McNeill, Center for Academic Excellence, Lumberton

Kenneth Spayd, Finance and Administration, Hope Mills

Johnny Cummings, Facilities Operations, Pembroke

Mable Haywood, Office for Regional Initiatives, Red Springs

Edward Locklear, Facilities Operations, Maxton

Tammy Locklear, Information Technology, Pembroke

Myra Moody, Office of Institutional Research, Fayetteville

Barry O’Brien, School of Business, Florence, S.C.

Daryl Chavis, Facilities Operations, Lumberton

Marsha Frink, Office of the Registrar, Chadbourn

Michelle Locklear, School of Education, Pembroke

Theresa Dimery, Facilities Operations, Lumberton

Jacqueline Strickland, Payroll, Rowland

Phillip Locklear, Police and Public Safety, Maxton

Judy Oxendine, Facilities Operations, Pembroke

Sondra Oxendine, Mary Livermore Library, Pembroke

Tate Corney, Information Technology, St. Pauls

Steven Locklear, Facilities Operations, Pembroke

Derek Oxendine, Center for Student Success, Pembroke

Employees recognized for 15 years of service:

Belinda Smiling, Student Health Services, Maxton

Annie Coleman, Mary Livermore Library, Laurinburg

Ricky Ransom, Office of Regional Initiatives, Pembroke

Ginger Sampson, Office of Regional Initiatives, Maxton

Beatrice Williams, Purchasing, Shannon

Reginald Bullock, Center for Student Success, Laurinburg

David Hatch, Facilities Operations, Southport

Loretta Jones, Facilities Operations, Maxton

Aubrey Swett, University Center, Pembroke

Freddie Bell, Auxiliary and Business Services, Pembroke

Lisa Hunt, Sponsored Research and Programs, Lumberton

James Strickland, Facilities Operations, Pembroke

Sylvia Chavis, School of Business, Pembroke

Chuckie Lowery, Department of Mass Communications, Rockingham

Betty Johnson, Advancement, Pembroke

Tabitha Locklear, Information Technology, Maxton

Employees recognized for 20 years of service:

Cynthia Redfearn, Housing & Residence Life, Lumberton

Elaine Vesely, Information Technology, Pembroke

Judith Lee, Student Health Services, Aberdeen

Melissa Vance, Facilities Operations, Lumberton

SallyAnn Clark, Department of Mass Communications, Laurinburg

Flora Freeman, Housing & Residence Life, Pembroke

Stephen Prevatte, Information Technology, Lumberton

Cora Bullard, Student Health Services, Maxton

Darlene Chavis, Facilities Operations, Pembroke

Employees recognized for 25 years of service:

Paul Jolicoeur, Communications and Marketing, Lumberton

Employees recognized for 30 years of service:

Penny Locklear, Mary Livermore Library, Pembroke

Dedra Sanderson, Givens Performing Arts Center, Pembroke

Carolyn Godwin, Center for Student Success, Rowland

Gwendolyn Locklear, Mary Livermore Library, Pembroke

Elizabeth Normandy, Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs, Fayetteville

Michael McKinnon, Facilities Operations, Hope Mills

Susie Harris, Mary Livermore Library, Pembroke

Some of the UNCP staff members honored recently for their years of service to the university take time for a group photo. of the UNCP staff members honored recently for their years of service to the university take time for a group photo.