We can’t allow ‘peaceful fantatics’ to dictate the fate of monuments

To the Editor,

In regard to Our View in the Sept. 3 newspaper, I see no reason for the Historical Commission to vote to remove Silent Sam nor any other monument “to a museum where it can enjoy some peace and quiet!”

Sam has rested quietly where he is for 100 years, but now must be rescued from hostility generated by “peaceful fanatics” opposed to him by their heritage.

Why is their heritage any more important than that of so many others? History cannot be changed by removing a monument. If Sam is moved to a museum, he is still going to exist. This will mean eventually he will be moved again or destroyed when these fanatics decide, oh I am disturbed by that statue, it must go.

Where do we stop? Ulysses Grant owned slaves too. Do his monuments go also? Do we destroy our currency? Do we remove Arlington house physically from the National Cemetery?

I am so discouraged that we can let these fanatics, not just the current professing ones, but all such groups, dictate to the American populous, what can and will be done, or else they will do it. And they will destroy these monuments as they did in Durham. Total vandalism permitted without consequence.

I find your editorial disturbing to those of us who are opposed to removal of these pieces of history.

Jim Tripp