Patterson wants Robeson Strong

My name is Ronnie Patterson and I would like your help to become the next sheriff of Robeson County.

Like many of you, I was born in Robeson County. This is my home. These are my people. I love this place and want to make it better for ourselves and our children.

I am a graduate of Red Springs High School, attended Fayetteville State University and received my basic law enforcement certification from Robeson Community College. I am married to Nao mi Glenn Patterson and we have two children and five grandchildren.

I have served a member of the Robeson County Domestic Violence Board and Neighborhood Watch Trustee and assistant finance director and trustee for Full Gospel Temple where my wife and I direct the Fellowship Group.

My accomplishments include being recipient of the Waverly Barhaum Award, which is Red Springs Chamber of Commerce highest award; recipient of the Humanitarian Award from Las Amigas; and Officer of the Year awarded by the Palmer Drug Program.

The theme of my campaign has been Robeson Strong. I truly believe that we are stronger together. That is the kind of sheriff I plan to be, one who puts people first and creates a safer county.

It is what I have done as police chief of Red Springs since 2010. Each of the eight years that I have had the honor to serve as police chief, we have seen the town’s crime rate decline.

Please consider that record and my 28 years in law enforcement when casting your vote for sheriff.

Right now, I’m serving as the regional director for the NC Association of Police Chiefs of Robeson, Hoke, Scotland, Cumberland, Columbus, Bladen, Sampson, Richmond and Brunswick counties.

I am also the only candidate for sheriff running a criminal justice/law enforcement agency.

What I have learned in almost three decades in law enforcement is about deterring and solving crimes, but also about improving the lives of citizens.

The first thing that candidates like to say is that they are going to run the drug dealers out of town. I also plan to be tough on the dealers. I want you to know that if you are pushing illegal drugs, this is your opportunity to close up shop. Drugs are killing our people.

But whether the issue is drugs or break-ins or unsolved murders, we’re going to do it as a community working with pastors, educators, the DA and county residents. We are going after anyone breaking the law in Robeson County. There will be zero tolerance.

At the same time, I want to be proactive in reaching out to potential offenders before we have to send them to jail. Our goal is to look for ways to prevent the crimes before they happen so we create a county that is safe for families and for prospective industries to can create jobs. That is the cycle we want to perpetuate. Not offenders in and out of jail.

If elected sheriff, my priorities are:

— To hold my staff accountable to the citizens of Robeson County. We will have an open­-door policy where people can contact me or my staff. The only way we can better serve the public is to know their needs and concerns.

— To increase response time for crimes in progress as well as case investigations. I plan to break the county up into sections where officers live. I also want to place substations in different areas in the county.

— To initiate a citizens wellness check program that makes sure our elderly and others are safe.

— To open cold cases to help solves those crimes and bring closure to the victims’ families.

— To reach out to our youth, including innovative partnerships with our schools. We will look for grants to put resource officers in every elementary school and have officers serve as mentors to student s.

— To equip deputies with body cameras. Every officer in Red Springs has a body cam that we were able to gain through grant writing alone.

Our goal as a sheriff’s department, will be to get out, build trust and learn the needs of the community.

Robeson County is not good enough for anyone, until Robeson County is good enough for everyone. We are stronger together.

I ask for your prayers, support and vote.

Ronnie Patterson is a Democratic candidate for sheriff.

Ronnie Patterson is a Democratic candidate for sheriff.