Democrats cede middle ground

Democrats are ceding ground to Republicans at a rapid rate by abandoning the ideological middle ground.

All Republicans are not the racist, sexist, homophobic, deplorable people that Hillary Clinton chided about during her campaign. It’s not fair to lump a whole population into such a large cohort. Clinton was simply revealing contempt that is still perpetuated by some.

In fairness, you can’t throw all Democrats into the left wing, Antifa, violent category either. It’s just not true in an absolute sense. But there is a difference.

Most Republicans realize both cohorts are not absolute. Republicans who despised President Obama’s policies would at least begrudgingly admit President Obama’s shining moments. Obama shined when he held a beer summit bringing two factions together, for example. Obama was also a great communicator and a personable guy. Everyone agrees with these things when you objectively assess certain aspects of his tenure.

But there are many vocal Democrat activists who perpetuate Clinton’s contempt for Trump. Tax cuts, a rising stock market, low unemployment, North Korea talks and many other successes are invisible to these Democrats. The president cannot do anything right even in the face of objective evidence. And that’s a problem for Democrats.

In “Matrix” movie terminology, these activists have taken the blue pill and the story has ended for them. Until Democrats regain power, they admit that they intend to resist, bully and criticize every conservative word regardless. Straying from this blue pill narrative is heresy.

This cedes ground to people who have taken the red pill. Activists violently fear the Ben Shapiros, Jordan Petersons and Candice Owens of the narrative who have a freethinking philosophy or at least offer an alternative view. These are people who shouldn’t be heard in their opinion. They should be shouted down.

So while it isn’t fair to lump all Democrats into a left wing cohort that bullies every word in particular, it is fair to say the Democratic Party has officially embraced post-modern Neo-Marxist thought in general. That’s the academic terminology for their shift. The evidence is clear and fuels activist contempt.

From the violent rants of Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters to the embracement of Democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Democrat party is openly willing to cede middle ground to Republicans in one ideological shift.

Republican Congressional candidate Mark Harris won Robeson County during the primaries and will face the Democrats 9th congressional candidate. But his Democrat opponent will be sacrificed on this rising Neo-Marxist altar Democrats are building.

The Charlotte Observer was the first to note the Democrat congressional candidate opposing Harris is vague on some issues. A Democrat can no longer even pretend to be moderate.

A Democrat candidate now has to be vague on things like open borders and abolishing the ICE law enforcement agency as doing otherwise runs against the grain of the party.

Harris’ Democratic opponent says he supports tax cuts and streamlined regulations. But the president’s plan has already achieved these things and if the Democrat congressional candidate wins, he would vote for Pelosi as House leader who has vowed to repeal tax cuts if given the chance.

Democrats are simply no longer going to allow their candidates to hold any middle ground. Any Democrat who even appears close to the middle must remain vague or face vengeful wrath from within.

Post-modern Neo Marxists wish to deconstruct oppressive Western systems. This requires rejecting capitalism and a belief in a divisive society based on identity politics. Calling the other side names that they should themselves be called is a classic Marxist tactic.

Democrats are actually proud of this shift and Trump many times makes it easy for them to be proud of themselves for condemning everything Trump. While in the meantime the middle ground disappears through movements like #walkaway, draining their party due to vocal contempt at every turn.

If activists refuse to come to the middle, Republicans are happy to assume the vacant spots.

Phillip Stephens is chairman of the Robeson County Republican Party.

Phillip Stephens is chairman of the Robeson County Republican Party.